Widespread Panic print, Richmond, VA (The National… Sept. 19th)

Yeah,… back on the Widespread Panic train,… (pun intended). Been a while since I did something w/ these guys but was happy to do a print for the Richmond, VA (Sept. 19-21 ..The National) stop of this tour.

The print will be 18’x 24’… 5-color… and I have a limited amount of artist prints which are available in the store now.

Below are some of the quick sketches & concepts for this one. Mr. Onion Head unfortunately did not make the cut.

UPDATE –  These are selling pretty fast so grab one before the price goes up.

One Comment on “Widespread Panic print, Richmond, VA (The National… Sept. 19th)

  1.  by  Dgold

    Awesome poster work, Matt Leunig. Troll under a train bridge. It’s a cool representation of a Widespread Panic setting. Dig it. Nice lettering, proportions & colors too. Stellar border especially the water pooling off the bottom edge. 25th Anniversary tagged on the train. I heard from my Richmond friends that this poster design draws local connections to the James River bridge, statues around town, and more. I am looking to aquire a print of this for my music poster collection. Dgold, Honest Tunes Radio

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