Widespread Panic
St Louis – 2016



Peabody Oper House – St. Louis, MO
February 19th, 2016
5-color screenprint, 18′ x 24′

limited AP’s available… Signed / Numbered ….. Edition of 60


One Comment on “Widespread Panic – St Louis – 2016

  1.  by  Joey Toigo


    Hope this note finds you well. I’ll cut right to it. Since posters have become the thing at Panic shows I always end up buying them on the secondary market which I hate. I only buy posters from shows I attend and frame everything myself. I find it impossible to stand in a line before a show and wait for a poster. Mainly because I like to pregame with my friends and it’s becoming more rare with kids now to get out the house.

    I’m hoping you might have held a cpl back and would sell me one for my wall.

    Thanks Matt,

    Also, I’ll gladly send pics so you know I’m not a flipper. awesome job on this one as always.


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