Widespread Panic – ST. Louis Foil & Manila variants!!!


I had an extremely small run of Foil variants available on March 1st @ 11AM (PST) for the Widespread Panic – St. Louis print. There was an AE edition run of 12 for each Regular Foil & Lava … and a smaller run of 8 for the Sparkle foil. These are now all SOLD OUT!!!


Along w/ the foil I will have a small run of 10 variants on a nice Manila French paper as well as a few copies of the original print. These will be available a couple days later on Friday, March 4th @ 11AM (PST).

It will be 1st come,.. 1st serve. 1 print per person. Please do not write for us to hold or secure you a print as we can’t do that.


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