Wilco poster… Boise, ID 2012

I recently moved back to the East Coast after being in the Bay Area for 10 years. One of the things that I noticeably missed was the feeling of summer and with that, …fireflies. Couldn’t find them out there. I recently was commissioned to do a piece for the band Wilco for their stop at the Idaho Botanical Garden in Boise, ID. Summer time… outdoors… .figured it was time to bring out the fireflies.

Wilco is a fun band and has a good poster following, so I was more than pleased to get a gig for them under my belt. This was a pretty limited print run and I will only have 20 copies for sale which will be up soon.

Close Up

My stuff tends to get busy which is good and sometimes doesn’t work out so well. With this I came up w/ a couple different concepts w/ the fireflies but decided to keep it simple.

Original concept sketch

2 Comments on “Wilco poster… Boise, ID 2012

  1.  by  Kris Perdew

    You don’t happen to have any of these still available for sale, do you? Wilco is my wife’s favorite band, and the Wilco website is sold out. Great poster, and we were at this show. Probably the best Wilco show we’ve seen…and we’ve seen a bunch of ’em.

    • Scraped Knee
       by  Scraped Knee

      Sorry. This print was SOLD OUT years ago. It was a very small print run…

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