Wire/Game of Thrones mash-up print…

I got asked to do a print for a new gallery opening up this weekend in Brooklyn, the Bottleneck Gallery.  The name of the first show is “More Than You Imagined..”, and is essentially a cable TV themed showcase.  They work with a new charity for each show and in this case it is the Michael J. Fox Foundation.

I wracked my brain on what to do since there are so many good ones… Oz, Eastbound & Down, Mad Men, etc.  I was concepts into doing some crazy Kids in the Hall pieces when I got the idea for this one, mashing up 2 of my favorite shows recently.  Originally it started with the idea I was going to do a print for each family-crest (example… Stringer Bell = Lanisters/Lions,  Avon = Barathians/Stag, etc..) but thought it might be over kill and too much work, so I went with the badass lone dire wolf,…. Omar.

The print is entitled, “It’s All In The Game…”, is 16′ x 20′ (3-colors) and on a tan paper and came out beautifully printed by the folks at Half & Half.  They will be available at the show starting Friday night and on their website Saturday morning.  

Copies are now available in the posters section.

Details for the show are below.  Hopefully the show will go well and good things come of this spot with more interested showcases to come.

2 Comments on “Wire/Game of Thrones mash-up print…

  1.  by  Wheels

    “Yo? Where’s Wallace at? WHERE’S WALLACE!”
    This refrain now captures that moment when you make the right decision and your world shifts forever after as a result.

  2.  by  Tripp Fudge

    I love this print..first would like to let you know imma huge fan of your work..exceptional talent n i would love you to email a price list on doing a cd covet n advertising poster..this is a serious inquiry…i also wanted to comment on your idea for the mashup of houses from game of thrones and wire chatacters…the ones u noted would be sick and msybe marlo n snoop n that crew as the um”mm excuse my spelling but the dothraquis lol i dont know how u spell it…n doing a character mashing up with the wildlings n one for the nights watch…jusy saying a series of prints in your idea would def rock..thnanls

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