“1986” print now available…

The “1986” print is now available in the “Posters” section. 100 were printed… 50 for the Gallery and I will be selling 50 (Signed/AP), so jump on these quick as they will sell out.

18′ x 24′, 6-color……. $50

4 Comments on ““1986” print now available…

  1.  by  Pat


    I just recently started collecting Screenprints and came across your 1986 print in and expresso beans forum. I’m 30 years old and was born 1982 and this print is a such a perfect symbol of my youth it’s scary. Every Saturday morning I’d wake up early around 7:00am and go downstairs and sit in front of a TV exactly like this and play Nintendo. I have to find me one of these.

  2.  by  RC

    This looks like it could be my son. He got his NES at 5 years old and played Mario all the time. Well done! He’s a doctor now, so I guess it was good training!

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