Strand of Oaks Tour print…

“Strand of Oaks print

I always enjoy working with and being introduced to new bands. A couple months ago I was contracted by Philly band Strand of Oaks, which was about to release a new album Heal, and needed a poster for their extensive US tour. After listening to the album, which I really dug, I was excited to do my part to hopefully introduce it to some other people.

Their music deals with a lot of recovery and coping from painful memories mixed with the good and can come off as dark at times and the agreed upon look was to involve skulls. I wanted too create something a bit more mature than I usually do. I loved the image of the bearded skeleton like figure and tried a couple different ways to approach this concept.

The poster is 18′ x 24′, 4-color and had a print run of 300 and is now available on tour. My Artist Prints will be available on the site soon. Check back for info….

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