String Cheese Incident New Years,.. 20yr Anniversary triptych!!!!!!

Boy oh boy oh boy!!!… It’s almost New Years Eve and you know what that means. Huge bands throwing huge New Years parties. I was thrilled when I got the call from the String Cheese Incident to do a print for their big 3-day throwdown with the Flaming Lips, Karl Denson, Booty Collins, Del McCoury Band & more. This one was a big one for them as it was also celebrating their 20th Anniversary.

We discussed String Cheese imagery like hoopers & jellyfish, and also that of their native Colorado. We decided on the “Spirit Animal” approach which I always love. Originally the poster was to be a single all-encompassing poster but they wanted to go all out for their Anniversary. We explored the idea of incorporating a “glow-in-the-dark” but realized though it would be slightly visible in the light it would be distracting when covering the characters line work. Since it was a 3-day event we decided to go for a 3-poster triptych, which I believe is a first for the band and me too. As the 31st was the big night it took precedent in the middle and the other shows mirrored it on either side.

The task of printing went to local-Boulder badasses Good Thoughts Printing. Along with the screenprints a special lithograph version of the print was created w/ all 3 on one page (measuring 18’x24′, print run of 400) for VIP’s going to the show. Then came the big task of signing. The screenprint run was 300 but since it was a tryptch was actually 900 posters, so all together 1300 prints needed to be signed. I was flown out to Denver and met up w/ Ray and the boys at the print shop to do a pencil-sharpened power session. I have worked with Ray before on a Furthur print from 2011 and was happy to finally meet the krew in person.

The print is a huge7-color print, each measuring 12’x 24′ for a whopping 36’x24′ when combined, with a print run of 300 (signed / AP). I will have a limited run of both screenprints & lithographs for sale. The cut sets of all 3 prints are AVAILABLE NOW followed by an extremely small run of uncut screenprints & lithographs at a later date, TBD.

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