String Cheese Incident New Years triptych … 2015!!!! – Round 3

SCI NYE 2015

This will be my third year in a row doing a New Years triptych for The String Cheese Incident for their big New Years Eve blast in Broomfield, CO. The previous two sets were quite successful which puts a lot pressure on oneself to not only match the previous but come up with something fresh & new.





In the past I tried to keep the prints very symmetrical with the center being the focus and elements mirroring each other. I found it got harder to try and design a symmetrical design again and it became quite limiting, so I decided to treat each print as a stand-alone that could work in a row. Consulting with the band we decided to go w/ an “Alice in Winter Wonderland” theme that would be trippy, colorful and give off the vibe of a crazy party.

Original concept sketch
SCINYE15_Alice concept

I once again made a trip out to Boulder to work with the badasses over at Good Thoughts Printing and got to see their new mega-screenprinting machine in action. A site to behold.



Each poster is 12′ x 24′, combining for a triptych total of 36′ x 24′ and is in a print run of 330. All numbered copies were sold by the band the nights of the show and I have my own personal copies that will be signed & AP (Artist Print) available …. Friday, January 8, 2015 @ 11AM (PST).

There will be an extremely limited amount of “UNCUT” sheets as well as B&W’s for those interesting in participating in the COLORING NOOK


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