Tame Impala at Terminal 5 poster – NYC

Tame Impala - NYC - 2015

I have been a fan of Aussie band Tame Impala for a while but never had the opportunity to work with them until recently. They are currently wrapping up their US tour, supporting their album Currents which kicks as and I got the privilege of doing one of their big NYC shows last week at Terminal 5.

The concept behind the piece was a kind of psychedelic soundwave effecting the Statue of Liberty. The original sketch was a simpler and the headphones and equalizer cityscape made their way into as it was being fleshed out in the inking phase. I wanted the colors to be bolder & more in-yo-face than some of my previous work. Kinda flat…



The poster had a total print run of 200… with a small run of 35 AP’s (Artist Prints) & is available NOW in the store. There are a few B&W copies available to those and only those who are interested in participating in THE COLORING NOOK (please see rules on how to participate).


2 Comments on “Tame Impala at Terminal 5 poster – NYC

  1.  by  Frida Oennerberg

    Hi scrapedknee!
    I would love to buy your Tame Impala poster
    since I were at that concert it would be awesome
    to have it on my wall!

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