Wakarusa Fest 2012 – A Tale of 2 posters. … now available.

This weekend is the Wakarusa Music Festival down in Ozark, AR which a jamband fest with a pretty sweet lineup inlcluding Primus, Pretty Lights, The Avett Brothers, Edward Sharpe, Girl Talk, etc… They are getting bigger and bigger every year and was happy to work together with them on a print for the show.

The design originally was somewhat different. Airy and bright with chubby birdies but after some discussion the consensus was that it was too “cartoony” and “light”, so we decided to go w/ something a little trippier. Hippies love eyeballs.

The final print (top) came out looking great, thanks to the folks at Half & Half were available at the show and now are available on this site. 18′ x 24’…. 6-colors…. 325 print run.

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