Queens of the Stone Age print, SF

April 18th, 2014

Rock behemoths The Queens of the Stone Age are on tour again and rampaged through San Francisco last night. I was hired by the promoter/venue to come up with a print for the show and definitely had a little geek out moment because I’ve been listening to QOTSA for a while and have always wanted to do a poster for them.

I kind of went ape shit with concepts thinking of everything from mech-punks to beheaded dragons but in the end I kept going back to the image of Charon the Ferryman from Greek mythology who would carry fresh souls across the River Styx. Pretty striking looking dude..

The poster had a print run of 400,.. and I currently have 30 AP’s available in the POSTER section. It is a 5-color print, 18′x24′.

Widespread Panic, Oakland print… Foxy lady!!!

March 29th, 2014

This weekend ol’ workhorses Widespread Panic are making their way through Oakland. The current tour has limited dates and unfortunately I was not asked to do a print for it this time around but funnily enough got a call from the promoter, Another Planet Entertainment, of the Oakland show to make a commemorative piece.

This happens a lot but not to step on any toes I checked w/ the band to make sure it was cool. I believe the poster done through the band for this stop is Chuck Sperry, but this one is through the promoter/venue.

The final print is 18′ x 24′,… 5-colors… and I have 30 AP’s to sell. The total print run was 400 which the promoter has.

New “1986″ multi-game remix…

March 22nd, 2014

I received a nice new gif remix of my “1986” piece today which features a slew of old school games. This one is from imgur. Keep the remixes coming……

To see all the collected remixes thus far… check it out here.

For those interested in getting a copy of the screenprint, there are still copies left of the original “1986” print as well as the “Zelda variant“.

“Masters of the Universe” art print..

February 24th, 2014

This weekend is the opening of a new gallery show, Toy Stories, at Galerie F in Chicago. A couple artists were asked to create a piece based off a memory or a rendition of their favorite childhood toys or games. My holy triad was the Ninja Turtles, GI Joe & He-Man. I ran through a slew of ideas based off all 3 but figured I would try to focus and put my energy on just 1, so I chose my man, He-Man.
The idea was to make him a little more of a badass barbarian than his Little Lord Fauntleroy look he rocked I remember from the cartoons.

The show opens this Friday, Feb. 28th in Chicago and runs until March 25th. Other artists in the show include Print Mafia, Cricket Press, Delicious Design, John Howard, Blunt Graffix, etc.. The piece is a 4-color 12′ x 18′ print w/ a small print run of 60 and is now available at on the Galerie F’s website and will be available on my website starting March 24th.

LOS PIXIES…. San Jose print.

February 23rd, 2014

Wow. What a dream gig. Another rad band on my bucket list I can check off. Its been a while since I’ve done something w/ promoter Nederlander Concerts but they contacted me about doing a special print for the Pixies San Jose tour stop this weekend. I went through a big Pixies phase 1 year in college and saw they a slew of times during their last reunion tour 5 or so years ago. It will be interesting to see how they do w/ new band members and the 1st new set of songs in 20 years.

I threw together a slew of concepts for the promoter including a couple that involved sharks. The 1st, rather straight forward featuring a shark kind of in a blood crazed state breaking up schools of fish. The other a similar concept but the blood actually creates a kind of womenly “water spirit” that is dancing/coaxing the shark. They problem w/ this one is that it ended up using a lot of red on one side of the piece drowning out and pulling the attention away from the actual shark. The simpler concept was better. Its a little less “trippy” than I usually do but I like mixing things up every now and then.

The original plan was to print the “blood red” as the last layer and somewhat transparent so that you saw all the art and line work underneath it. The problem with this was due to the dark colors underneath the red would have become muddy and dulled down. The contrast and “pop” of the blood red would have been lost, so it ended up being a solid color and all the artwork underneath it knocked out.

The print is a 4-color print, 18′x 24′ with an extremely limited print run of 50. My AP/Signed copies are now available in the POSTER section as well as a small run of “toxic” variants that includes a bright fluorescent green instead of the blood red. There are only 12 of them and they came out looking really sweet. Copies are now available in the POSTER section

The “Toxic variants” are NOW AVAILABLE!!!!!

Little Hurricane shirt…

February 21st, 2014

I was approached the other week to create a new shirt for LA-music duo, Little Hurricane who were just starting up a new tour to promote their new album, Gold Fever. The band has a bit of a White Stripey vibe to them and really pull a lot off with just 2 people. The idea with the art was to create something rustic, something dusty, something Canyon-hippie-ish if you will.

You can get a copy of the shirt through them, though I don’t know where yet. I do know that they are currently selling these shirts on tour and I bet they will pop up on their website in a bit.

The Noise Pop Poster Retrospective

February 6th, 2014

One of the sweet SF music festivals that happens every year is The Noise Pop Music Fest. I had the pleasure to do a couple posters back in the day as the festival rolls around again this year they are celebrating by doing a Noise Pop Poster Retrospective. This will feature screenprinted posters from the festival over the years from representing a slew of bands. I will be in tow w/ a group of awesome artists including:

Lil Tuffy http://liltuffy.bigcartel.com/
Alan Forbes http://secretserpents.com/
Jason Munn (The Small Stakes) http://jasonmunn.com/
Gregg Gordon (GigArt) http://www.gigart.com/

The opening event starts tomorrow at Benders (806 South Van Ness Ave) in the city. Artists will be on hand and posters will be sold so bring your tubes. There will also be another reception the end of the month.

Opening Reception: Thursday Feb 6 8PM – 11PM
Closing Noise Pop Reception: Thursday Feb 27 5PM – 8PM


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Scraped Knee Studio visit..

January 28th, 2014

It’s been a while but I thought I’d share some pics of the ol’ Matt Cave studio…

Homemade flatfile made last year. I have been thinking of putting up a small photo tutorial on how to make a set of flatfiles for under $100. Simple & easy.

The ol’ couch were I do all my “deep thinking” below a sweet triptych by Steven Harrington.

I used to sit around make “God’s Eyes” for days on end w/ sticks from an Arboretum in back of my house. It was a nice little form of working meditation. I once made one that was 5ft. in diameter with 4 sticks, a mammoth, but city living doesn’t translate to space for bigass art pieces. Who knows what happened to them all.

Two of my Bigfeets by artist Bigfoot One. who is probably the only artist I can say I collect. I don’t have too many of his pieces up on the wall, as I try to keep my Sasquatch obsession somewhat on the down low.

More to come….

String Cheese Incident uncuts & lithos available … 11/22

January 21st, 2014

I received a box of uncut prints of the String Cheese Incident NYE triptych that will be going up in the store tomorrow, Weds. Jan. 22 @ Noon (PST). They are big, a total of 36′ x 24′, and unfortunately they will go fast.

Along with this I have a nice lithograph print of the full triptych that was a special addition and given to all the VIP’s at the show those nights. There was a total print run of 400 of these but once gain I unfortunately only have a few to sell. Because it is a lithograph the colors aren’t as bright as the screenprints but it is better for a cheaper option and one that encompasses the whole image at a smaller size (24′ x 18′).

For those with children,… I received a number of B&W’s of the SCI print. For those interested in a B&W for their children to color please just request it upon ordering. They will be a randomly chosen B&W of a single night print. All I request is that after completing the coloring you just send a picture for the COLORING NOOK. Please take a look at the link before requesting to make sure you know the rules.

Both the Uncut & the Lithos will be available on the site tomorrow, Weds. January 22nd @ Noon (PST)

String Cheese Incident New Years,.. 20yr Anniversary triptych!!!!!!

December 29th, 2013

Boy oh boy oh boy!!!… It’s almost New Years Eve and you know what that means. Huge bands throwing huge New Years parties. I was thrilled when I got the call from the String Cheese Incident to do a print for their big 3-day throwdown with the Flaming Lips, Karl Denson, Booty Collins, Del McCoury Band & more. This one was a big one for them as it was also celebrating their 20th Anniversary.

We discussed String Cheese imagery like hoopers & jellyfish, and also that of their native Colorado. We decided on the “Spirit Animal” approach which I always love. Originally the poster was to be a single all-encompassing poster but they wanted to go all out for their Anniversary. We explored the idea of incorporating a “glow-in-the-dark” but realized though it would be slightly visible in the light it would be distracting when covering the characters line work. Since it was a 3-day event we decided to go for a 3-poster triptych, which I believe is a first for the band and me too. As the 31st was the big night it took precedent in the middle and the other shows mirrored it on either side.

The task of printing went to local-Boulder badasses Good Thoughts Printing. Along with the screenprints a special lithograph version of the print was created w/ all 3 on one page (measuring 18′x24′, print run of 400) for VIP’s going to the show. Then came the big task of signing. The screenprint run was 300 but since it was a tryptch was actually 900 posters, so all together 1300 prints needed to be signed. I was flown out to Denver and met up w/ Ray and the boys at the print shop to do a pencil-sharpened power session. I have worked with Ray before on a Furthur print from 2011 and was happy to finally meet the krew in person.

The print is a huge7-color print, each measuring 12′x 24′ for a whopping 36′x24′ when combined, with a print run of 300 (signed / AP). I will have a limited run of both screenprints & lithographs for sale. The cut sets of all 3 prints are AVAILABLE NOW followed by an extremely small run of uncut screenprints & lithographs at a later date, TBD.