String Cheese Incident – New Years Uncut version – Available Jan. 12th

January 12th, 2015

Like last year I am releasing a very limited amount of uncut prints of the String Cheese Incident, New Years 2014 triptych. They will be released today (Monday, Jan. 12th) at NOON (PST) on the temporary store.


The link currently is to the original cut triptych but at NOON (PST) an option will appear on the same page to buy the “UNCUT VERSION”.

String Cheese Incident New Years triptych … 2014!!!!

December 30th, 2014

Another year, another triptych. I was very happy to get the call again from the String Cheese Incident to do a special print for their big New Years Eve blast in Broomfield, CO. I created a triptych last year for the band that turned out to be successful and we decided to go the same route. Last years theme was “Spirit Animals” and this years was more of a “Winter Wonderland”.

The band has a lot of imagery such as jellyfish & hoola hooper but I thought that the peacock which they use a lot would be a good mix and contrast with the somewhat overly snow white environment. I wanted to incorporate more of a cosmic vibe much like the Oakland poster I did for them last year, as their live performance is known for having a crazy light show and visuals.

Pretty ladies & birds.

Like last year I went out to Boulder to meet up with the printer, Good Thoughts Printing, who did an awesome job. This thing was a beast consisting of 9 colors with tons of overlays and complicated dot patterns. I think before today the most colors I’ve ever had to prep for a print has been 6 but Ray & the team did a beautiful print job during a very busy time of the year for them, I’m sure.

After a short hang I got down to business of signing the 900+ posters which starts off as a form of working meditation and usually ends in tears and a mangled claw hand.

Ray & the crew at Good Thoughts with the uncut sheet. They did an amazing job.

Each poster is 12′ x 24′, combining for a triptych total of 36′ x 24′ and is in a print run of 300. All numbered copies are being sold by the band the nights of the show and I have my own personal copies that will be signed & AP (Artist Print) available Monday, January 2, 2015 @ Noon (PST).

There will be an extremely limited amount of “UNCUT” sheets of the triptych available in about a week,…  JANUARY 12th, 2015   so check back if you are interested.

There is an extremely limited run of B&W’s available and are exclusively available for those w/ children interested in coloring… Not for Collectors to swap. They are FREE upon request AFTER ordering a copy of the SCI NYE 14′ triptych with the idea that they will be colored and an image of the final “Kiddie variant” will be sent back to be used for the COLORING NOOK. See examples here

Those requesting will receive 1 B&W of the 3 prints at RANDOM. Just add a note when ordering or send me a email.

“Cats Down Under the DC Stars” art print…

December 24th, 2014

Hot off the presses. New “Cats Down Under the DC Stars” art print based off of the design used for a collaborative T-shirt w/ DC Brau.

T-shirts & DC Cat stickers are available here.


December 11th, 2014

Hear ye,.. Hear ye’…. Tis’ that time for the annual HOLIDAY SALE!!!. This year it will be taking place at the temporary NEW store while the site is being redone. I have added a slew of new stickers, shirts & things previously not up on this site so get em’ while they are still there.  Click the image above to head over there.

Simply add the code “HOLYDEEZ” while checking out to get an extra fat 10% off. This sale is only running for a week and ends Dec. 19th to try and ensure that orders arrive before Xmas. If you have any problems,.. its a new site, just contact me.

Happy Holidays all’.

DC Brau “Cats Down Under the DC Stars” collaboration T-shirt…

November 19th, 2014

This weekend kickass brewery and all around good folk DC Brau will be releasing a limited run of T-shirts we collaborated on entitled “Cats Down Under the DC Stars“. They will available at the weekly Saturday tasting/tour at the brewery in DC starting this weekend and all net proceeds will go to help out the Central Union Mission. It’s getting colder out there so go pick one up…. it is a good cause.

Some early concepts…

UPDATE - A limited amount of shirts are available on the temporary SCRAPED KNEE store site (current store/site being rebuilt).  There are stickers in that same store available and a run of limited prints will be up in the next week or 2.  Be sure to check back.

Eric Church posters… Charlottesville & NYC 2014!!

October 17th, 2014

There are a few bands that I have been lucky enough to engrain myself into their fold and have been giving me business year after year. Eric Church is one of them and with a new tour and a new album I was given the task of doing 3 prints for 3 big tour stops,… Charlottesville, NYC (Madison Square Garden) & Philadelphia. Country music is not necessarily my forte but I have always embraced the opportunity it gave me to introduce myself to a new audience. With this tour EC & the boys were going with that of a biker/American outlaw motif which brings to mind whiskey, weed, motorcycles & bar fights. Stuff out of Hunter S. Thompson’s “Hells Angels” book.

I live in Oakland and the legacy and imagery of the old Hells Angels is pretty strong here. I started off with a slew of sketches, not necessarily with specific cities in mind but wanted to skew more toward the look of the 60’s & 70’s bike clubs. I usually go apeshit with color but with all of the Church posters I’ve done, I think 8 or 9 total now, I’ve tried to use a limited color palette and simplified design. Well,… simplified for me.

Charlottesville isn’t necessarily seen as a biker kinda town but it is surrounded by miles of beautiful highways and roads through the Appalachian & Shenandoah Mountains. Lots of farmland and open skies…. basically good riding.

The New York City vibe had to be totally different. More gritty and concrete. Nothing like some bloody knuckles and handcuffs. Unfortunately the 3rd poster design was completed but the VIP experience, which included the poster merch, was cancelled so it will have to be used for something down the line.

The Charlottesville poster is 18′ x 24′, 3-color and had a print run of 90. I will have a very limited run of Artist Prints (signed/AP) available the day after the show Friday, Oct. 17 @ 11AM (PST).

The NYCposter is 18′ x 24′, 4-color and had a print run of 180. I will have a very limited run of Artist Prints (signed/AP) available the day after the show Saturday, Oct. 18 @ 11AM (PST).

That TRPS time of year. 2014 Rock Poster Fest next coming up..

October 6th, 2014

Its almost time of the annual TRPS (The Rock Poster Society) poster event in Golden Gate Park. The big event is staple in the Bay Area poster scene and features a slew of the original old-school Fillmore/Grateful Dead artists that really started the whole screenprinted gigposter culture. Along with the old cats are a ton of new-school artists including myself pushing the scene forward. There is plenty of psychedlia to go around…

I will have some new gigposters & art prints available for this show…

Artists & Ven­dors Lineup

Stan­ley Mouse
Wes Wil­son
Bon­nie MacLean
Chuck Sperry
Paul Imag­ine
AJ Mas­thay
John Seabury
Casey Castille
Lee Con­klin
Chris Shaw
Alex Fis­cher
Lau­ren Yurkovich
Marq Spusta
Dave Hunter
Shane Grogg
Car­olyn Fer­ris
Sal Dicheira
Kris Mikkel­son
Vic­tor Moscoso
Randy Tuten
David Singer
Adam Pobiak
Billy Perkins
Gary Hous­ton

The event is Saturday, Oct. 25th from 10 a.m. – 6 p.m at the Hall of Flowers near the 9th & Lincoln entrance to Golden Gate Park.

For more information on the event (price, time, location, etc..) check out the TRPS website

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Wedding Invitation for me & some Lady…

September 21st, 2014

So a couple weeks ago I done gone git’ married to my amazing girlfriend of 6 years, Kristin Dorage down in her hometown of Atlanta, GA.  It was a blast and a large relief once it was over.  A culmination of a years worth of stress and planning.  Being an illustrator/designer it was only natural that I design my own wedding invitation.  I had done wedding invitations before as well as a couple wedding “concert posters” and kind of had an idea of what I wanted to do for ours.  Our wedding would be pretty low-key, outdoors and the reception would take place at this sweet French-burlesque type club called Paris on Ponce.  I got a great old timey, rag-time style band, Blair Crimmins & the Hookers, and that esthetic seemed to bleed into everything we did.

After looking at a ton of invitations online I decided to do a tri-fold with the center being the main image and the text on either side and was influenced by the layout of an invitation designer Elizabeth Baddeley had made for her own wedding.  I soon found out that designing stuff for your own wedding is about 10x harder than for someone else.  One becomes too much of a perfectionist.  I must have gone through 15+ concepts but finally landed on the “musical field mice”.

I wanted the invitation to be colorful, fun, boisterous and express the vibe and imagery that we wanted people to think of… sunny green grass, broken banjo strings, shoeless dancing, bourbon-spiked sweet tea, loud brass, late night boas, etc…

Along with the invitation I made a slew of knick-knacks like pins that people couple snag and wear.  2 of the pins were field mice from the invite and the other 2 were our faces taken from our “Save the Date” card which I had made at Purebuttons.

Jerry Garcia Symphonic Celebration Tour poster..

August 2nd, 2014

Growing up I was always a Deadhead with varying degrees of intensity. I was introduced to it by an older sister and kind of always had the music on in the background it seems. After college I moved to the Haight in 2001 wide-eyed and excited to live where it all started. I was sadly disappointed when I got there but the vibe of the Dead and that whole scene still is felt through out the Bay Area. Since then I have worked with most of the members of the Dead individually and recently was asked to create the tour poster for the Jerry Garcia Symphonic Celebration w/ Warren Haynes for their short August tour. As luck would have it, today the start of the tour is Garcia’s B-day so I’m sure its gonna be apeshit in Berkeley.

Like before, during this tour Warren Haynes will be playing Garcia’s “Wolf” guitar thus the theme of this and past posters.

The poster is 18′ x 24′, 5-color and had a print run of 500 and is now available on tour. I will have 50 Artist Prints available Monday, Aug. 4 @ Noon (PST).

UPDATE – Posters will be available on Monday, August 18th @ Noon (PST).

Strand of Oaks Tour print…

August 1st, 2014

“Strand of Oaks print

I always enjoy working with and being introduced to new bands. A couple months ago I was contracted by Philly band Strand of Oaks, which was about to release a new album Heal, and needed a poster for their extensive US tour. After listening to the album, which I really dug, I was excited to do my part to hopefully introduce it to some other people.

Their music deals with a lot of recovery and coping from painful memories mixed with the good and can come off as dark at times and the agreed upon look was to involve skulls. I wanted too create something a bit more mature than I usually do. I loved the image of the bearded skeleton like figure and tried a couple different ways to approach this concept.

The poster is 18′ x 24′, 4-color and had a print run of 300 and is now available on tour. My Artist Prints will be available on the site soon. Check back for info….